Beit Yusef (Love Into Action)

The Olive Wood Project
Providing supported employment to adults with special needs
(and we also make beautiful handmade crafts!)

"Without a job to bring home an income, people with special needs are considered to be a burden by their family."

Within the Palestinian Territories there is no financial assistance for a person who does not have a job, nor is there any support or advice for those seeking employment. The Olive Wood Project at Beit Yusef, based in the heart of Bethlehem, provides meaningful employment for adults in the Bethlehem area who, because of their disability, need the extra help, support and training to both learn a craft and to keep a job. In addition, here they learn basic life skills to help support them in all aspects of their lives.

The Olive Wood Project takes place on the premises of Beit Yusef, a ministry that provides planned and crisis respite care for families who have children (whether child or adult) who have profound special needs or cognitive impairment. Every week we bring a different small group of profoundly disabled young people to our project to provide them a short break (4 days) from their families. Each group returns every 8 weeks. During the 8 week cycle they are also visited in their home by members of our team and progress is shared with their family. Each family is shown a range of activities which could be carried out with their disabled relative and support and advice is gently given.

Please consider supporting The Olive Wood Project in a practical way by purchasing some of our handmade, original olive wood products to help us to continue providing quality training, support and employment for these individuals.