We love and care for the individual artists. We not only buy directly from them (and not wholesale shops), but we give back a portion of our profits to help grow their businesses and to help sustain their families.

Hands of Bethlehem works only with artists that strongly believe in what they do and how that supports the community as a whole. Because of that, each artist is chosen not only for their community awareness, but for their attention to the art of olive wood creation. Each piece is inspected by out team and packed by our hands and is of the highest standard.

In and around Bethlehem. The branches of the trees are cut back every year to produce more fruit the following year these are used for creating most of our olive wood carvings. When the tree finishes its life of producing olives, the trunk and roots are harvested for carving (this can be several thousand years).

Regular Olive Wood Items
Olive wood is a hard, non-porous wood that is hardy enough to last a lifetime. To clean, simply use a damp rag then a light coat of olive or mineral oil.

Kitchen Utensils, Chopping Boards and Serving Dishes 
DO NOT EVER put your olive wood utensils into the dishwasher or leave them soaking in water. A simple, quick wash in hand-hot water with a gentle detergent, followed by a rinse in warm, clean water, is all they will ever need. 

Every product that leaves our workshops should exceed your expectations. We take pride in the work of our artists; and if you are not happy with your order for any reason, we'll make things right.

The return process is simple: if you receive the item and decide you don't like it within 30 days, you can send it back. Just get in touch and we'll create a return label for you. Once we get your package, we will issue a full refund (minus shipping). Please note the following:

Item(s) must be in the exact same condition that you received it.

Original invoice from your order must be included.

We do not provide refunds if your item doesn't arrive by a particular date.

We can only give store credit for items that are personalized/engraved

IMPORTANT: Package must be clearly marked “Goods Returned Under Warranty”

A refund of the order will be given once we receive the item and deem it acceptable

When your order is shipped, you will get an email that your order is complete with tracking info.