Micheal Qumsieh-Victoria

"Artist living here in this land should live a life of dignity"

I am Micheal Qumsieh-Victoria and I am 67 years old. I have been married to my wife since 1980 and we have 5 daughters. I learned to carve olive wood from another artist that I used to work for. After working for him for some time, I saw what he was capable of doing and creating and that I was capable of the same thing. This inspired me to open my own workshop in 2005.

I love my work. I love making crosses, and I love Jesus. When I’m carving my crosses, I’m always thinking of new ideas for being creative, for being more extraordinary. I’m also thinking of my 5 daughters.  I don’t have sons so I am fully responsible for providing for them.

When you take my crosses into your home, I want you to realize that Jesus was born in this land. Think of the man who carved this cross for you, and realize that this artist living here in this land should live a life of dignity.